Breeder/ Stud: Trumps Merino stud
Description: Owner: Smaldeel Merinos
Body weight Index: 125
Average daily growth: 136
Clean fleece yeild index: 124
Fibre Diameter: 96
Staple length: 93
Selection Index: 119.6%
Micron: 19.4
Clean Fleece Yeild: 75%
Comfort Factor: 99.7
CV %: 15.2
Body weight at sale: 138 kg

Bought by Smaldeel Merinos at the 2021 National Merino Auction for R 150 000.00, currently the new South African record for a poll merino ram.
This incredible poll merino ram is the son of a top poll merino ram from Australia, Greenfields/16.0254.

Cost per Dose/ Straw: R150.00