The Embryo Transfer Programme

Donor synchronisation and Recipient synchronisation

The program is split into two parts, Donor synchronisation and Recipient synchronisation. A programme will be sent to you with the accompanying synchronisation drugs.

Results – Expected Responses to superovulation

When flushed out of season or at the beginning of their natural breeding season approximately 75-80% of donors respond to the superovulation treatment.
Once into their natural breeding season, approximately 85-90% of donor ewes respond to the superovulation treatment.

An average pregnancy rate of 65-70% can be achieved with Grade 1 embryos transferred fresh into good quality recipients. Excess embryos can be frozen and transferred at a later date. Pregnancy rates of 50-60% are achieved with frozen embryos. Only Grade 1 and 2 embryos should be frozen. They can then be stored indefinitely.

GeneCo ET services available

On Farm Embryo Transfer
This service is provided anywhere in South Africa and Namibia provided that a minimum of 4 donors are programmed. Facilities required are detailed under ‘Client’s Responsibilities’. Travel costs do apply.

On Centre Embryo Transfer
Donors can be admitted to our centre. Recipients are provided by the client. We also provide quarantine services for Export of Embryos.

The Client’s responsibilities

  • Donors and Recipients must have been weaned for at least four weeks prior to programming.
  • All ewes must be accompanied by a movement licence and be clearly identified on admission.
  • If frozen semen is to be used, this must be forwarded to the ET centre well in advance of programming. At least three doses of semen are required per donor.
  • If fresh semen is to be used, it is preferred that all rams being used are fertility checked within ten days of the program commencing.
  • If DNA Paternity Testing of semen donors and embryo donors is required, then it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that this is carried out.
  • All recipients must be correctly ear tagged.

Facilities for on farm Embryo Transfer

For embryo collection and transfer we require a clean, weather proof, dust free, draught-free area. Cold running water and electricity should be close at hand. Two tables are required on the day of embryo flushing.

Labour for on farm Embryo Transfer

At least four fit people should be present to load and unload ewes onto cradles throughout the day.

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