Ideal Set-up & Environment


The proximity and activity of teaser rams immediately before and after AI will help tighten the time of onset of oestrus and help ewes to ovulate. Therefore, allow the teaser rams to run with the ewes from 24hours after CIDR withdrawal and during the starving period. The teaser rams can be removed at the time of AI when drafting your ewes.

Ewes must be starved for 18 hours prior to Lap AI. Have ewes penned in their individual ram groups. Colour coding ewes into each ram group can be useful. The use of a catching pen or race helps with the throughput of ewes.

Lap AI area should be approximately 5 X 5m to allow the easy run of ewes to and from the Lap AI cradles. This area should ideally be concrete to facilitate the wheeling of the Lap AI cradles. If a problem exists with the floor, plywood boards or rubber mats will assist in the easy movement of the Lap AI cradles. The area must be in a draft free part of the building and roofed.
Please ensure all bedding is removed from the AI area.

A table or equivalent should be available. Clean water as well as an earthed electrical supply in close proximity to the area is required.

If fresh semen is to be collected for AI work then the chosen ram(s) should be penned adjacent or close to the ewes in an area where semen can be collected. These ram(s) should be rested for at least five days prior to the day of insemination. A ewe will be selected from the AI group to act as a teaser for semen collection.

After AI,the ewes can be returned to their normal pasture and provided with water. Do not overfeed on concentrates, just return to their normal routine with as little stress as possible. Also no dipping, dosing, etc. for at least four weeks following AI.

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