Semen Freezing

ensure you get lambs of your top rams

Even top breeding rams can die! Semen freezing is the only way to ensure you get lambs of your top rams, even if they die. Livestock insurance can provide some protection against your loss but having back up semen stored provides the only real method of ensuring you get the lambs you want.

GeneCo semen freezing service provides you with:

  • Cost-effective insurance against death or serious injury. Many rams that have long since died are still able to sire lambs.
  • Being able to breed from injured, old or rams that were ill. Making sure you don’t miss a breeding season.
  • Ram sharing – instead or having the ram travel all over the country, it’s frozen semen can be used by all the consortium owners with no risk to the ram.
  • Marketing ram semen for sale. This provides an additional source of income to breeders without having to sell the ram.
  • Fertility testing and ensuring your ram is fertile and ready for the breading season ahead.
  • Having frozen semen as back up for your AI day ensures no surprises if your chosen ram doesn’t perform or give a viable sample.

Booking rams into our centre

Please give us a ring as soon as your ram/rams are ready to come in for semen freezing. We can organise a drop off time, and also go through the details of how many straws you want frozen, their feeding regime, etc. We give you weekly updates on the rams. We collect semen early mornings from Monday to Friday, using our centre teaser ewes. After semen collection it is diluted, checked and cooled down for freezing in the afternoon. A semen straw from each batch of frozen semen is thawed and assessed for quality before the remainder of the batch is stored in our storage tanks.

Releasing semen for sale or own use.

If your buyers plan to use the frozen semen for AI please encourage them to contact us as soon as possible to leave ample time to book out semen. Please have a look at our Semen4ewe link to see all the semen available and for sale at our centre.

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