Laparoscopic AI Guidelines

What does Lap AI involve?

What does Lap AI involve?

Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination of ewes, with fresh or frozen semen, involves using a laparoscope to enable insemination directly into the uterus. Only Veterinary Surgeons are able to carry out this procedure. The procedure is normally carried out on farm where up to 500400 ewes can be inseminated in one day by a Veterinarian.

What does an AI programme involve?

Once your AI date is prearranged, you will be sent a programme, CIDRs and PMSG to ensure your ewes are in season on the arranged day. A typical AI programme lasts 14 days: Day 0: Insert CIDRs Day 12: Remove CIDRs, inject PMSG, timing is crucial! Day 13: Starve from noon Day 14: Laparoscopic AI at the specified time on the programme

Why do I need to synchronize my ewes?

Ewes need to be synchronized so that they are on heat on the specified day of AI. Ewes are synchronized using an intra-vaginal device, and at device removal, are injected with a hormone at a specified rate to narrow ovulation time. Thus, timing is crucial.

Which ewes are best for Lap AI?

Ewes that normally breed well and have a good record of fertility are best. Ideally ewes should have weaned their lambs at least 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your programme. Maiden ewes should have cycled naturally more than once before to ensure good results with the AI. Ewes should have a good body condition score to ensure a favorable outcome.

What conception rates can be expected?

Conception rates depend greatly on the quality of semen, the preparation of ewes before the AI date and careful management of ewes after the AI day. 50-70% can be achieved with frozen semen. 60-90% can be achieved with good fresh semen. Good quality fresh semen from one ram can be used to inseminate up to 150 – 200 ewes in one day.

How can teaser/ vasectomised rams assist in my AI programme?

Teaser rams at a rate of 1:50 can help decrease the time over which ewes in the group ovulate.

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