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Marketing Semen

Our SuperSireStore link provides all the semen on market at our centre. If you wish to advertise on the website please contact us on 0833085277. This is an easy and readily accessible method of advertising your superior stock rams.

Laparoscopic AI

Artificial Insemination is an excellent management tool that allows breeders to run their flocks more efficiently. It allows for batch lambing and allows the use of frozen semen to improve genetics.

Marketing AI products

We offer a wide range of artificial insemination products available on the market today. We have CIDRs, CIDR applicator, PMSG, Artificial Vaginas, AV liners, etc. For a full product list as well as prices please contact us on 0833085277.

Semen Freezing

This is the best form of insurance against death or infertility for every breeders’ top rams. This is a relatively inexpensive form of insurance to prevent loss of good genetics, to be able to stick to breeding plans and to be able to sell good genetics in the form of frozen semen. Please have a look at our SUPERSIRESTORE link for semen available at our centre.

Import and Export Of Semen and Embryos

Our staff are experienced at the import and export of semen and embryos and are ready to assist with whichever is needed. Protocols for certain countries are already in place and can be easily obtained. We are a registered import & export quarantine facility.

Embryo Transfer & Freezing

This service is aimed at breeders with proven ewes in their flock that wish to increase production from them. Excess embryos can be frozen for later use. This technology allows for up to 20 ewes to be flushed in one day. We offer on-farm and on-centre embryo transfer services depending on your preference.

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