Embryo Transfer


Many of the top rams and ewes at shows have been obtained from ET programs, easily developing the female lines and improving flock genetics. You can either speed up the rate of improvement of your flock genetics or use ET to secure and reintroduce genetics that have been stored from rams, which are no longer alive.

The following questions can help you choose the ewes that would best suit flushing/ ET.

  • Do you have an outstanding performer in your flock?
  • Does she consistently breed good progeny?
  • Is she of high genetic value?
  • Does she reproduce annually?

You can then improve the genetics of your flock at an increased rate, also allowing you to multiply genetically important maternal lines.

Our Embryo Flushing and Transfer services offer you the following:

  • On farm embryo flushing and transfer – Available anywhere in the RSA. You prepare the donor ewes and recipients on your premises. We will supply you with the program and all drugs needed.
  • On centre embryo flushing and transfer – Donors and/ or recipients can be admitted at our centre and our experienced staff can manage the entire program for you.
  • Embryo freezing and storage – Any embryos collected whether on farm or on centre can be frozen and stored for implantation in future seasons. We also have quarantine facilities for owners wishing to flush and freeze embryos for export.
  • Information and support – We provide all the necessary tools and information for new and experienced breeders regarding ET to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

For more information please contact our office on 083 308 5277.

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