Breeder/ Stud: Jacques Pienaar Mega Merinos
Description: Owner: Andries and Jan PIenaar
Body weight index: 108
Clean fleece yield index: 123
Fibre diameter Index: 96
Selection Index: 107
Micron: 19.4
Clean Fleece Yield: 73.9
Comfort Factor: 99.7
CV: 12.3
Bodymass on day off sale: 148 kg

100% poll merino bred by Mega Merinos. Sired by Maestro/18.2537, who sold for R150 000.00 at the 2020 national auction. Australian Bloodline.
Sold for R70 000.00 at the 2023 National Merino Auction.

Minimum of 100 doses.
Cost per Dose/ Straw: R150.00