Breeder/ Stud: FEM DOHNES
Description: Owners: Zak van Zyl, Henri van Wyk & Nellis Wilken
Description: Symbol AA
Wean EBV: 2.91
Clean Fleece Weight : 0.544
Fibre Diameter : 0.59
Staple length: 1.1
Selection Index %: 104
Clean Fleece %: 73.6
CV: 13.1
CF: 99.6
Dam : SD14.201
Sire : SD17.272 (Jawbreaker)
Sold for R110 000 on the 34th FEM Dohne Merino Production auction February 2022.
Sired by Jawbreaker/SD17.272, Elite Sires list’s number 1, in turn who was sired by Nickerball/SD15.015, IceBreaker is not a ram you want to miss out on.

Cost per Dose/ Straw: R150.00